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Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation for TIPS Plant Services, Inc is comprised of prefabricated standing seam insulation panels and accessories, dramatically improves the durability, life expectancy, and appearance of a tank insulation system. Storage tanks ten feet (three meters) or greater in diameter that require insulation for temperature conservation or condensate prevention are ideal candidates for a Thermal Insulation Pipe Solutions Inc, Tank Insulation system.

An aluminum outer jacket is bonded to

foil-faced polyisocyanurate insulation to form a laminated TIPS Plant Services, Inc panel (other metal jackets/insulation combinations are available). These panels extend vertically the full height of a tank sidewall and are also utilized on a tank roof. Protrusions from the insulation, such as manways, nozzles, and stair brackets, are tightly fitted and sealed. Where groundwater or product wicking is a problem, foam glass insulation can be installed at the base of the tank.



Maximum Maintenance Temperature: -100°F to 1200°F

       Specifications and instructions.

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