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Piping Insulation

We service all the aspects of the mechanical insulation market, including hot, cold, piping, and equipment.

Quality insulation systems installed and designed for Energy conservation, personnel protection, process/condensate control, sound attenuation, and protective/aesthetic systems. Our personnel is highly trained to insulate in temperatures ranging from:

 -450°F up to 2300°F degrees



Our areas of expertise:

  • Power plants

  • Refineries

  • Chemical Plants

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Paper Mills

  • Storage Buildings

  • Manufacturing Buildings

  • Plastics Manufacturing


Systems that require industrial insulation include any that carries or stores liquid, gas, air, or product in which the temperature of the substance being transferred or stored is impacted by the temperature of the ambient air. TIPS Plant Services, Inc,  insulates these mechanical systems to maintain process temperatures for both cold and hot systems; to protect liquids from freezing; to provide burn protection for personnel from possible exposure to hot systems, and for sound attenuation.

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